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Arizona Top Private Chef Teaser

Congratulations On Top Private Chef Nominations

Starting Now Health Held In Hand is participating in the 2022 Arizona Top 25 Private Chefs by Soeleish Phoenix Magazine.

It is an honor to be considered in an Arizona Statewide poll where users vote for the Top Private Chef in the greater Scottsdale area.

If you would like to help us become number one private chef in Scottsdale the steps are super simple. All you need is your Instagram and post @healthheldinhand in the comment section.

Here are the 3 easy clicks to vote for 2022 Best Private Chef Arizona

Visit @soelishphoenix on Instagram

You’ll see 3 posts for “Top 25 Private Chefs Arizona 2022”

Comment “@healthheldinhand” on each post a maximum of once each day

You can comment on just one … or all three if you REALLY want to help us out 🙂

Health Held In Hand Top Valley Chef Nomination

What is the 2022 Arizona Top 25 Private Chefs by Soeleish Phoenix Magazine?

Each year the Phoenix division of Soeleish Magazine turns to the public to vote on the top 25 in each food service category. Once the tally is collected, in this case “Top Personal Chef”, totals are printed in the following months magazine issue. This opportunity is appreciated by start-up local chefs like Health Held In Hand. Exposure is good in any media vertical and Soeleish Phoenix is doing an amazing job bridging the local social media and print media together by highlighting the personal chefs around Phoenix.

Why is @HealthHeldInHand chosen as Phoenix Top Personal Chefs?
Delicious food indicator. If that’s a thing, I may have just made that up. Delicious food indicator is the amazing taste you get with the private chef courses served by @healthheldinhand. Since you have seen our Instagram page you know @healthheldinhand food always looks incredible.
That’s 2 reason.
However the main reason is the relaxed, easy-going atmosphere that comes with a @healthheldinhand dinner party. Our dinner parties and gathering personal chef services are more than just food. The interaction is “super chill” and “painless”.
Now that’s 3 reasons to head over to IG and comment @HealthHeldInHand.