How much does it cost to have a dinner party?

Cost on Health Held in Hand dinner parties start at $100USD per person or pax depending on what part of the world you are coming from.

Is there a minimum amount of people to book an event?

Yes, Health Held in Hand requires a minimum of 6 people or pax to hold a dinner party. However we are more concerned with you and your guests having an impeccable time. Thus we will make accommodations per your request.

What is the best day to book Health Held in Hand?

Any day and every day. Health Held in Hand personal chefs are always available valley wide. We have multiple chefs all across the Phoenix Valley ready to turn any day into amazing.

Where Do You Get Your Ingredients?

We source our ingredients at local markets close to the location we will be cooking at. Some of our favorite places to shop are Local Farmers Markets, Whole Foods and AJ’s Fine Foods. Whenever possible Health Held in Hand supports local Arizona farmers. In short, we provide farm to table food in your AirBnB.

How far in advance can I book a party?

As far ahead as you possibly can. Health Held in Hand dinner party calendar books up quite quickly so don’t delay. Call Chef Robbie NOW!

How fast can I book a dinner party?

If you are looking to book an immediate dinner party, you are going to LOVE this.

Health Held in Hand takes dinner party bookings within an hour and a half at the shortest notice. We must have at least an hour and a half to provide the shopping and travel time to your location.

Can you provide pre-packaged meals for corporate lunches?

Yes. We can handle corporate lunches. Please contact us a minimum of 14 days in advance to allow for preparation.

Do you only do dinner parties?

No, Health Held in Hand is available of any type of gathering where people are hungry. That’s all it takes … hungry people.

Is there an automatic gratuity, like you see in restaurants?

No, we do not automatically add gratuity to the final bill. We do discuss gratuity after the event and before we process the final payment.