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Mushroom Mozzarella arugula Crostini with Onion Raspberry Glaze

Queen Creek Holiday Wine Tasting Dinner Party

Health Held In Hand has provided in-house dinner party chef services all over the valley however one of our most recent was quite unique. The dinner party was held in a stunning home in Queen Creek, Arizona. A group of 20 friends, relatives and co-workers gathered together to share an evening in of delicious food paired with a fantastic wine tasting in light of the holiday season.

Crispy Mozzarella Mushroom Crostini

The evenings menu was prepared with the idea of marrying courses with white and red wines throughout the dinner party. For the Appetizer course we created a special crostini prepared with sautéed mushrooms, fresh mozzarella and arugula. As a final flavor chef Robbie added a raspberry-onion glaze dollop. Pairing with the sample white wines selected by the dinner party host, each guest requested seconds of the crostini appetizer.

A Slice Of Ranch Salad

Wedge salad topped with sliced cherry tomatoes, shredded carrot, diced red onion, bacon bits and ranch dressing.Second course was salad and the host selected our wedge salad. Partygoers had the option of ranch or bleu cheese dressing. Each wedge salad was topped with sliced cherry tomatoes, shredded carrot, diced red onion, bacon bits and bleu cheese crumbles by request. Salad course was a smashing success as the chatter among the group really kicked up with the occasional outburst of laughter. This dinner party was truly a great place to be.

During the salad course there was a special gift for everyone at every table. Health Held In Hand was honored to have served our salad course on some very special china. As part of her 16 full place setting dinnerware set, one party goer brought salad plates for the dinner along with a story. While her brother was in Japan her mother had requested that he bring back a dinnerware set with this specific design. What a special treat to serve the finest quality food on what are some of the most beautiful plates we have ever used to serve salad. Marguerite Josephine, we thank you and your beautiful 50+ year old china.

Second Generation Custom Made Salad Plate
Second generation custom made salad plate from Japan. A dinner partygoer brought these salad plates for everyone to enjoy eating from.

The Hearty Holiday Chicken Parm

On to the main course, Chicken Parmesan with pasta and red sauce. Chicken Parm always pairs well with red wine. As a hearty holiday main course we agree the dinner party host made a great choice. Our chicken parm is always juicy and flavorful and did a great job complimenting the red wine samples brought for the evening. Health Held In Hand Chicken Parmesan is our family recipie that always comes out tender and juicy. At this dinner party we served each chicken cutlet with a fresh made topping of bolognese sauce and then the baked them with mozzarella cheese.

Sweet Sayonara

Tonight our Queen Creek dinner wine tasting party opted for dessert and we are delighted they did. Bringing our chocolate creme tarts to finish out the night on a sweet note.

While the chocolate creme tart desserts went out Kevin went to work taking meticulous care of Marguerites cherished china. Not only that … the 101 other dishes, pans, pots, forks, knives spoons … the list goes on and on. Cleaning in up is the most important but easiest overlooked part of any dinner party. In the end we came, we cooked and we cleaned up in true Health Held in Hand fashion. Let the team at Health Held In Hand prepare a hearty holiday meal for you. Contact Us and we’ll create a delicious dinner party menu for you too. To our Queen Creek wine tasting dinner party friends we say Thank You and Happy Holidays!

The juiciest Chicken Parmesan you have ever had is made by Health Held In Hand

Happy Thanksgiving From Your Favorite Scottsdale Personal Chef

After you’ve consumed your Thanksgiving Dinner and prepare for Black Friday Deals (We have pre-orders available) add the Scottsdale Personal Chef experience to you gift list this holiday season. When you’re checking off your holiday party list Health Held In Hand wants you to know what it’s like to order with our personal chefs.

Hiring a personal chef for your Holiday party, you want the best personal chef in Scottsdale for this once in a lifetime experience. Let us help you through that experience with this special blog post on this special Thanksgiving Day.

Planning a meal on Thanksgiving day is different than booking a brunch or dinner party with Health Held In Hand.
It all starts with a phone call that is answered by one of our chefs ready to learn more about your event. Once we know why we are cooking for your party, we follow up with what you’re thoughts on the main dish are. You see, every other course is paired with the main course. So certain salads go with certain proteins and the same is for appetizer courses.

A Popular Choice For A Hearty Meal

A gif showing Health Held In Hand homemade pasta sauceA popular choice for a hearty bachelor or bachelorette party meal that can double as a hearty Holiday meal is our Italian Chicken Parmesan prepared the same way Nona used to. Chicken cutlet sliced, lightly breaded then individually goldened to juicy perfection. Plated with pasta and the perfect amount of simmered red sauce. Should this be your main course choice the meal will be as memorable as the moment.

Then The Appetizer

For you main course you chose the family Italian recipe Chicken Parmesan, then it starts with a fresh and light appetizer. When we set the menu the chef on the phone will offer additional options for appetizers however for this example lets go with bruschetta. Bruschetta is a classic right in line with the Italian dinner theme. The thin slices of tomato, fresh mozzarella and basil wake up your palette and prepare you for the salad.

Lastly … Salad?

By now you may have noticed that the way you design your bachelorette and bachelor party meal is a little out of order from the way you eat it. And that’s ok, as long as you pick the right salad. but never fear, your experienced Scottsdale Personal Chef has got your back. An expecfed salad with the Italian courses is the Caesar. Health Held In Hand serves a classic Ceasar dressing that is so unbelievable people tell us we should bottle it.

At The End It’s Just Perfect!

From that 2 minute read you can see where planning the classic Thanksgiving Day dinner is not the same as a menu for a bachelor or bachelorette party. You could say it’s completely opposite. Rely on the professionals at Health Held In Hand to guide you in the perfect party menu creation. Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Health Held In Hand Personal Chef Service.