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Personal Chef Website Updated Announcement

Updates and Announcements

Everyone here at Health Held in Hand is excited to finally be able to let the ham out of the can! It’s taken a while to complete the website, but we wanted to make sure that we highlighted our number one Focus. The food.
The Health Held in Hand website now features many upgrades to speed you through the booking process. You can find our interactive form here and make General selections for your dinner party before a final confirmation is made over the phone.

Quick Questions Answered with Our FAQ Page

Many times people will call with a quick question about course ingredients or food allergy concerns. In order to speed you through to a satisfactory answer we have added the FAQ page. On the FAQ page you will find answers to our most frequently asked questions about dinner parties.

Special Intro Video

Health Held in Hand anything wouldn’t be complete without the final say or the first say in this case from the owner Robbie held. No one brings excitement to a party quite like Robbie does and that’s why we featured him front and center on the homepage of our website. We used video format in a meager attempt to capture some of Robbie’s energetic passion for his business and his cooking.

Book Personal Chef For AirBnB Stays Scottsdale

Airbnb guests to the Phoenix Valley. We have added special information for booking a dinner party with a personal chef in Scottsdale. No doubt you have seen it is hard to find just about anything in Scottsdale if you try to drive around. Just call Health held in hand and book a dinner for six or more you won’t have to lift a finger. Daytime pool parties for bachelor and bachelorette parties are also available. Nothing’s better than kicking back with your friends before you get married and having someone come in and cook a fantastic meal that you can munch on for the rest of the day.

Also for visitors from out of town we have added some special links to our favorite places in and around the Phoenix/Scottsdale area. Restaurant marketing in the Phoenix Valley is highly competitive and we wanted a place to show you where a chef would eat.

We’re Not Just For “Out Of Towners”

Locals, have you tasted our corn chowder? it’s an amazing mix of corn and cheese and all things delicious and we’re have it on sale right now for $9,000 over in the market sectionof the website. listed there will also be dates we’ll be at local farmers markets. Check the times and days for areas all around Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa and chandler.

Enjoy Your Meal

Overall Health Held in Hand set out to make booking a personal chef quick and painless via our website. Places like Facebook, Instagram and Tic-Tok are great for showing the dinner party experience. We believe delivers the same efficient, painless, filling experience as out tucker.

Health Held in Hand Inc is a personal chef service specializing in Bachelor, Bachelorette parties and special events for Gatherings of six or more.